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Updating The Bathroom In Your Home 

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Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Faucet2Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Skylight1
Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Bathroom2Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Skylight2Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Skylight1Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Bathroom1Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Faucet2Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Faucet1Decorating , Updating The Bathroom In Your Home : Showerhead2


The bathroom opens up a few choices when it comes to redecorating the bathroom. A good idea for those who are ready to change their bathrooms is to upgrade the bathroom to make it more appealing economically, as well as make this more functional. Too many people redo their bathroom and focus on the aesthetics, however, those who focus on the functioning of the bathroom are often happier with the end results.


There are tons of ideas the person can include when renovating their bathroom to make this more functional and even more economical. For example, a shower head water softener can eliminate the hard water the person is dealing with and is causing problems. Not only does hard water cause more build up within the shower and bathtub, but this can also cause skin irritations as the chlorine is simply too much for some people’s skin. The good news about this type of type of product is that this is easy to install, and the results are going to be immediate.


Other types of upgrades the person can utilize are faucets that are slow flow in the sink which can eliminate the waste of water. These types of faucets are going to be installed just as any other type of faucet the person installs, yet with the added benefit of using less water. There are even those that are going to be on a timer, which can eliminate wasted water, and allow a person to notice just how much time they do waste with water.

For those who are up for a major renovation consider installing a sky light that is going to allow more natural light to come into the room. This can help with the energy bills the person is paying, but it also allows the room to have a soft glow about it that is going to make this more relaxing. There are tons of other ideas that you can use in order to update your bathroom and make it something that you are proud of. Many of the changes being made you can do yourself with a few tools and a little knowledge. However, for major renovations, a contractor may be the best person to utilize as they know more about if the change is going to affect the structure and sound of the home. Upgrading your bathroom is not only going to allow you to have a state of the art bathroom, but it may also allow you to relax more in this room.

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Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings 

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Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage3Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage2
Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage1Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage2Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage7Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage3Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage6Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage5Decorating , Wake Up Your Space with Vintage Furnishings : Vintage4


Even if your home is filled with contemporary décor, you can add some great vintage style to give it a singular look and surround yourself with a personalized decorative plan.  You can also achieve a great makeover when you opt for a vintage style like Mid-Century décor.  By adding some Mid-Century touches here and there in the form of props and furnishings, you can add some wow factor to your space while still maintaining its modern sensibilities.  Use the following tips to add some timeless vintage flair to your décor.



Vintage Lounge Chairs

A unique pair of chairs can change the look of a room.  Add a pair of vintage lounge chairs to a foyer or in front of a fire place.  You can swap out your boring dining room chairs for a set of stylish vintage dining chairs that have that sleek Mid-Century look.  The stylish frames of Mid-Century chairs are streamlined for functionality, yet full of vintage charm.  Add a vintage lounge chair to your bedroom to create a reading nook.  Place a Mid-Century chair with unique curves in a high-traffic area where it will draw attention from visitors–in a hallway or next to a threshold.



You can enhance your vintage furnishings with props or artwork of the era.  Moreover, you can even employ Mid-Century advertisements as wall art; their vintage style has become classic.  Makeover a powder room with 1950s fashion and cosmetics adds.  You can also find items like clocks, ashtrays, and dishes in the Mid-Century style that will complement the look of your home.  Find bedspreads, tablecloths, and even curtains that boast the Mid-Century style.  Paint your walls a shade that was popular during the 1950s.

You don’t have to settle for a non-descript décor when so many eclectic vintage pieces are available at a reasonable price.  In fact, you can get stylish Mid-Century pieces at a more affordable rate than new furnishings that are not constructed with the same eye for quality or style.  Revamp your space with a Mid-Century makeover that will provide you the eye-catching setting you’ve always wanted!


Marie Ascolani is a private antiques dealer in Bay Area who specializes in Mid-Century furniture. She is always on the look out for interesting pieces, like vintage chairs from Mid Century Mobler.


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Cabinet Refacing: Why it’s Better Than Buying New Cabinets 

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Decorating , Cabinet Refacing: Why it’s Better Than Buying New Cabinets : KitchencabinetfreshDecorating , Cabinet Refacing: Why it’s Better Than Buying New Cabinets : Jtinterior


There are many advantages to refacing kitchen cabinets instead of gutting the entire kitchen and putting in new cabinets. Most homeowners assume they have to do cabinet refacing themselves, and the thought of all that work can be daunting.

When considering cabinet making residents might be weighing the pros and cons of each method. They are trying to decide if refacing or new kitchen cabinets are the way to renew their kitchen space. There are huge benefits to refacing kitchen cabinets. 


When refacing the cabinets, the cost varies depending on the type of laminate used on the project. Real wood veneer starts around $2,500 and there are the costs for new hardware as well. The choices in materials and quality of wood or laminate will be reflected in the price. Refacing doesn’t always involve veneer. Some cabinets can be stripped and painted, and that significantly lowers the price of the project. 

Cost is the biggest benefit to refacing cabinets. Cabinet refacing can cost a fraction of the price of replacing cabinets. A complete replacement of the existing cabinets might be around $8,000 to $10,000 on average depending on the type of cabinets. Custom cabinets can rise to almost $20,000. That doesn’t even include the labor costs of the company that installs the cabinets.

It can take a few weeks for the ordered materials to arrive, but once the materials are available, the installer only has to remove the existing door fronts, prepare the surfaces and fit the new veneer. From the time the doors are removed until the finishing touches of the drawer fronts can last anywhere from two to four days. The speed of the installer and whether there are any problems with installation will influence the installation time. 

A complete kitchen cabinet replacement can take weeks. The demolition phase alone can take two to three days. Cleaning up the debris from the demolition can take a few more days. The professionals in cabinet making can find that it takes another week to install. That’s assuming the installers are working at peak efficiency, and they don’t run into any problems. 

Refacing kitchen cabinets is an eco-friendly option for kitchen remodeling. It doesn’t involve adding to the landfill since the materials like the base of the cabinets are recycled. There are minimal trash concerns when doing a cabinet refacing since there isn’t much trash being produced. If the refacing involves stripping and painting, there will be no added trash to worry about at all.

Kitchen remodeling involves pounds and pounds of debris from the cabinets being removed. All the wood from the cabinet bases, the shelves inside and the doors are thrown away in landfills. Sometimes, the floor and the counter tops are replaced at the same time during a kitchen remodel. Refacing is much more environmentally friendly.
Many people don’t replace their cabinets because of cost concerns. Cabinet refacing renews the cabinets for a fraction of the price. With shiny, new hardware, the kitchen will be transformed into a beautiful space that looks as if the cabinets were completely replaced, and it’s a kitchen transformation that cost thousands of dollars by cabinet making professionals. 

When refacing the cabinets, there are only a few days of inconvenience while the cabinet doors are removed and the finishes are done. The homeowner will not have to leave the home in those few days. It’s considered a simple change with big impact. 

Cabinet replacement involves weeks of inconvenience. In some cases, the appliances will have to be removed while the demolition and construction is occurring. This makes the kitchen unusable. The homeowner would have to make other accommodations. It’s often a huge hassle. 

As long as the cabinets are in decent shape, they can be refaced. They have to be structurally capable of being refaced, which means that there can be no water damage or warped, broken bases. The doors can’t be cracked or badly chipped along the edges. The veneer has to be able to adhere to the doors and frames. 

Trevor Skeels owns and operates Dianella Polishing – spcecialising in shop and office fitouts, furniture restoration and kitchen renovations in Perth, Western Australia.

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Kitchen Curtain Ideas 

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Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets1Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets3
Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets17Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets18Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets19Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets20Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets11Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets9Decorating , Kitchen Curtain Ideas : Kitchen Cabinets1

kitchen cabinets16

Some curtains are required to cover your kitchen windows. You might have a trouble choosing the right ones since the curtains are available in many colors and patterns. This is something you may want to consider when decorating the kitchen. Take your time in choosing the proper curtains for the right “mood” of your kitchen. As you might consider your kitchen as an important place in your home where you family gathers, you surely want your kitchen look nice and also comfortable.

kitchen cabinets15

The Important Points in Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Some aspects like the materials, treatments, price, patterns, and color are the crucial parts of the kitchen windows curtains that need to consider when you purchase them. The curtain’s durability is determined by the quality of the materials. Do not hesitate to ask about this issue when you purchase the item, you also need to know the right treatments to keep the durability.

The price is always important in purchasing almost anything; however sometimes the high price does not represents the high quality. Many times you can get  high-quality items with a low price. You might need to keep your eyes open for the store discounts as well. Think about your kitchen appearance for the suitable color. Or you can just pick your favorite color. Matching the color with the kitchen appliances is also a good choice.

kitchen cabinets10

The Kitchen Curtains Pattern

Besides being one of the considerable points for kitchen curtain ideas, thanks to the curtain pattern, you can also have a kitchen with an interesting look. You can easily find the gingham or checkered pattern in some kitchen decorations. You can have your favorite colors in the checkered pattern. Country patterns with a rooster motif can also be quite fun. You can avoid the plain looking kitchens with these types of curtains.

kitchen cabinets11

You can easily find the numerous kitchen curtain styles with the suitable material, color and pattern in both online and offline stores. The store will give a plenty of choices to meet your preferences. A better look on your kitchen will cause a better feeling in your time spent in the kitchen. These kitchen windows curtain ideas are essential for you to present a good mood whenever you are cooking or having a meal with your family.

kitchen cabinets15

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Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less 

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Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 5Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 20
Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 6Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 11Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 4Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 9Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 5Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Living Room 18Decorating , Get The Ultimate Living Room Make Over For Less : Source Emily Henderson


Updating the look of your living room doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, this is one room where you can achieve a real feel of elegance and style without spending through the nose. A blank canvas with a few luxury touches allows you to create a room that stands apart from the crowd, providing a show-home feel for just a small amount of money.

living room 8

1. Start simply

While you don’t have to spend a great deal on the basics such as paper and paint, you should understand that a luxury room is built from the ground up, rather than by adding extras into the mix which can cause a home to look cluttered. Start your makeover by stripping your current stylins back to the basics by getting rid of old, worn wallpapers and chaotically patterned carpets. It’s all about fresh neutrals right now and by creating a room that’s stripped right back, it’s easier to visualize the places where you can add a touch of color.

living room 2

2. Paint

Using a fresh white or ivory paint on your walls makes your room bright and airy. While you are painting the walls this is the ideal time to sand and paint your skirting boards too. You’d be surprised how a freshly glossed skirting board finishes off a luxury room. Once you’ve painted your base color you might choose a feature wall to paper or paint in a vibrant hue. Remember, less is more. A little color and pattern goes a long way; too much and you’re heading into gaudy territory.

 Source: Emily Henderson

3.  Use What You’ve Got

Period features are beautiful as part of a living environment and the best thing about them is they don’t cost anything if they’re already there. If you’re lucky enough to have wooden floors consider priming them instead of investing in a carpet. Fire places, beams, exposed brick chimney breasts and ceiling roses are other features you might find within your home that are worth keeping and renovating.

living room 9

4. Cushions and throw-overs

Quality cushions breathe new life into sofas and chairs in terms of style and comfort. You can use large cushions as a continuation of the room’s color palette or to update furniture with a scatterback effect. Placing toning cushions in a variety of sizes on a sofa transforms a boring piece of furniture into a work of art. Throw-overs are another great idea for updating your living room furniture. They are available in a huge range of colors – from pastel patchwork to vibrant block tones – which look fantastic and provide the ultimate in comfort on a cold winter’s night.

living room 14

5. Storage

Living rooms are notorious as a breeding ground for clutter including newspapers, children’s toys and the general bits and bobs of everyday life. The most successfully arranged living rooms have surreptitiously placed storage solutions such as baskets, drawers and boxes to provide a home for these items. This allows you to benefit from a tidier living environment.

If your living room is getting you down right now, it needn’t cost a fortune to update. With a coat of paint, cushions and covers you’ll be well on your way to a fresh new room.


This article was written by Emily Peel, a cushions and soft furnishings lover!

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Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas 

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Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : CleanupDecorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Lighting
Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Curtains3Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Curtains3Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Paint3Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : FxfrthDecorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : CleanupDecorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Lighting2Decorating , Almost Renovate Your Home With These Budget Friendly Ideas : Paint2


Home improvement can be so expensive, but with everyone doing it these days, it’s hard to avoid the eventual idea that you have to fix up your house. Whether you don’t have the time, don’t have the money, or don’t want to spend the effort on changing the look and feel of your home the hard way, you can try any of these quick cheats to make your house look fresher, cleaner, and just like you spent thousands on renovating.


If you must do any real renovating work then it should be painting. Go with a light color that is as timeless as possible in order to make your new changes stick. Many modern homes are now using light gray and light brown or tan as default colors. However, you can go for almost any color that you personally love, just try to avoid anything that you will want to repaint in a few years. White is always a classic, but unless you’re adding in a lot of shelving and decoration, try to avoid it as it is bright. You also want to avoid dark colors because they make the room look smaller.


Change the Curtains 

Curtains get old, musty, covered with dust and spider webs, and most of us never really have the time to clean them. While you could just throw your curtains in the wash or take them to the dry cleaner, you can freshen up the look of your house by simply buying new ones. Go for edgy and modern colors for the best effect and don’t be afraid to layer your curtains with a layer of lace next to the window. The curtains that work for your house will change depending on the style of your home, but consider rich colors like dark blue and burgundy for bedrooms, light colors like sky blue, yellow, or rose in the living room, and something easy to clean in the kitchen.



Buy Pillows and Throws 

Have an old couch but not ready to get rid of it yet? Consider buying throws and pillows to liven it up. You can purchase a huge range of different pillows and throws that will completely change the look and feel of your home so that you can almost say you renovated. Try buying from sites like that sell pillows that stand out enough to be unique. Embroidered pillows and patterned pillows are usually the most stylish options.  Best of all, pillows are quite inexpensive, even though they can make a big difference.



It doesn’t matter if your house is already relatively clean, you will be surprised at how much of a difference a deep clean can make to your home. Make sure you have a day free as it will take all day to clean, organize, and move everything in your house. It is a lot of work, but it will make a huge difference to how your house looks.  Change Your Door Handles and Knobs Although this sounds suspiciously like renovating, it’s actually a lot easier than that. All you have to do is find matching door handles and cabinet knobs to install around your house and then put them in. While the first one might take you a little while, chances are that you can replace every knob in your house in less than 3 hours and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. Changing out your knobs is just one small example of little things make big changes. The only rule is that you have to buy all of your new knobs at once because many stores do not restock when they run out of certain styles or models.


Bring in a Carpet Cleaner 

If you have carpet and it’s more than a year old then you have an easy way to almost renovate your home. Paying a carpet cleaner to come in and steam clean it can save you time, effort, and money because you won’t have to replace your carpet. If you don’t think this is quite the renovation idea for you, just go online and take a look at some of the before and after photos to see the difference it can make.



Change Your Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another inexpensive way to make actual changes to your home because they impact the look and feel of the whole room. Consider matching all of the fixtures in your home, or match specific rooms to different styles. The choices are yours and if you have an electrician do the installation then there is no risk or real time investment on your part.


Use Air Freshener

If you’re wondering how air freshener can make your home seem like new then you’ve probably never tried it. Scent has an impact on a great deal of what we as humans see and perceive, and by making sure your home smells good, you ensure that it looks better. Consider going with something fresh but not too sharp as opposed to overly sweet.



George Torres is a professional home stylist who believes a little change can make a big difference. Small touches like the right paint and unique pillows can make a bigger difference than all the new appliances in the world. Contact him on Twitter or Facebook to learn more.   

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Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas 

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Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors3Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors12
Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors11Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors8Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors4Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors9Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors5Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors14Decorating , Tips to Help with Bedroom Color Ideas : Bedroomcolors13

The color that is used in a bedroom can mean the difference between a restful sanctuary and not being able to rest at all. There are several bedroom color ideas that a person can utilize in order to make their bedroom the one place they feel relaxed and can enjoy a good nights sleep. With this being said, there are several tips the person will want to keep in mind when it comes to what color theychoose.


1. Bright Colors are Not Meant for Bedrooms

The brighter the color a person uses in their bedroom, the more likely they are going to find it hard to sleep. It is a known fact that certain colors are going to make people excited, which is not the way to get a good night’s sleep. With this being said, those who are a fan of bright colors will find they can still incorporate this color into their bedroom as a complimentary color found in wall decor or the like. The key is to ensure this bright color is not your main bedroom color.



2. Light Colors are Best

Light colors in a bedroom is what most people will find when they glance at decorating magazines. The reason for this is that light colors can make a room look bigger and this is going to also allow for the person to feel calm. This does not mean that a person has to use white or another form of white in their bedroom. There are many people who use pastels in their bedroom and the effect is stunning when combined with the furniture and the decor in the bedroom.

 Image Source

Image Source


3. Consider what you Like

The main idea in choosing a color for your bedroom is to choose one in which you are going to like seeing. This is your bedroom after all, thus you should be able to do what you want. If you find that the color you really like is a bit bright or dark, then consider using this color throughout the bedroom coupled with a nice neutral color to downgrade the effects of the color.

Overall, there are several bedroom color ideas and with these tips in mind you are going to find it easier to narrow down your choices. Always keep in mind that the lighting in the room, the size of the room and the furniture in the room can affect just how the color looks. It is best to always test a small area to see if the color is true and decide if this is what you really want.

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15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms 

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Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living6Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living1
Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living4Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living2Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living9Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living5Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living1Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living8Decorating , 15 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms : Fall Living6

 Image Source

Image Source

The living room is often seen as the main focus of the home as this is the place that most people meet and gather together for drinks before dinner or to just enjoy one another’s company. This is why the living room must be decorated in a way that is going to be accommodating to what the room is used for. There are several decorating ideas for living rooms that are going to help the person decide on what they want to do. The first step is to choose a theme for the living room. Most often these themes are between a classic theme or one that is more contemporary. Knowing what type of look that you are going for is going to help you choose the rest of the furniture and wall decor within the room.

You should also consider the number of people that call this room home and take into consideration how many visitors you may have within the room. This is going to help judge just how many seating areas you are going to need in order to make sure you have the comfort of everyone in mind. After discussing what the room can hold and just what you need, the best way to decorate the room is to start with finding the main furniture for the room. You can also add small pieces to the room later down the line to bring the theme together. Also, using elements that can be found outdoors, such as pine cones, can bring warmth into the room.

 Image Source

Image Source

However, the main pieces need to be in the room first. This is going to help you to judge whether you need filler pieces and if the wall decor needs to be big or small.

The color of the living room also needs to be taken into consideration. In most cases, living rooms are bright areas in which people can gather. No one likes to be sitting in a giant room that is dark since this can be rather depressing. For the most part, the living room should be consider the party zone and you will want to incorporate colors that are going to be neutral and light. Seasonal accents can be added in colors of rust, red and golden yellow to help celebrate the season.

Looking through decorating magazines can give you a good example of what you may like. You can always take a few aspects from pictures you have seen and combine these to give your living room a special look. This is a great way to show your personality while also being sure the room is accommodating to those who enter into it.

Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry 

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Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 1Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 10
Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 14Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 6Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 15Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 1Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 5Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Laundry Room 13Decorating , Gourgeous Laundry Room Decor That Makes You Want To Do Laundry : Electrolux Laundry Room

 Image Source

Image Source

Decorating a home is the best way to show your personality, and make sure that the home screams that it belongs to you. The laundry room is just as important when it comes to decorating as any other part of the home. Though the laundry room may be treated as a work room, it still needs to be decorated in order for a person to feel at home. Plus, the more thought that goes into laundry room decor, the more likely the person is not going to dread doing their laundry.

 Image Source

Image Source

There are several tips that the person can follow when they are wanting to ensure their laundry room decor is going to be beneficial to the entire home. For one, the person will more than likely find a cool theme to be best suited for this room. This room does need to be bright, especially if there is little natural light in order to allow the person to work effectively, thus going with light cool colors is going to achieve this. In addition, these types of colors are going to allow the room to appear larger than what it really is, as well as help the room to feel more comfortable. Laundry rooms are notorious for being very warm due to the dryer and washing machine in this room, thus the more you can downgrade this heat, the better off you are and this is achievable with cool colors.

 Image Source

Image Source

Secondly, consider laundry room decor that sticks with the laundry theme. There are several pieces of art work that can be hung in the room that dictates some sort of laundry scene whether this is an old time laundry room or the like. For those who do this, they are going to bring home the laundry theme in all its glory.

 Image Source

Image Source

Decorating the laundry room is going to go hand in hand with making sure the room is organized. There are several laundry rooms that will benefit from the use of shelves and the like. These can be customized to be more appropriate for the color scheme and theme of the room, making them blend better. Yet, they are going to be extremely helpful in a laundry room that is sure to get a lot of use for the years to come. The main idea to keep in mind is that you should decorate the laundry room as you see fit and ensure this fits your personality, even though it may just be a room that you alone see.

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Hallway Decorating Ideas 

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Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway10Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway5
Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway16Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway20Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway19Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway2Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway4Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway3Decorating , Hallway Decorating Ideas : Hallway10


One of the most challenging areas to decorate in any home is the hallway. It is the entry point to your home and the first area your guest will see. It is important to make a good first impression to others as well as having an inviting retreat for yourself at the end of a long day.

In order to make the most of this often disregarded area, here are a few hallway decorating ideas to get your hallway looking its best.

The problem with most hallways is that they are slender. You don’t have a lot of area to play around with. Finding furniture to fit into the space can also be challenging.

But before thinking about adding furniture, think about spacing and how open the area looks. The first place to start to make changes is the color of the walls in the hallway. If you want the hallway to appear larger, then white, light neutrals or pale colors are best. For a bolder exotic or even cozier look, burgundy, eggplant and hunter green make a stunning impact. Just know that for the darker colors, lighting will be very important. The lighting will make the difference between a dramatic entrance and a darkened cave.


Since lighting will also play a key role in your hallway decorating scheme, it’s best to consider the theme for your home decor. Are you more traditionalist or modern? For an old world feel, lantern sconces echo the past. Track lighting or lighting with clean lights tends to lean toward modern contemporary. If you have taller ceilings, a chandelier could be an elegant and glamorous addition to your hallway.



Since your guests will have to walk through the hallway to get to other areas of your home, why not make the trip enjoyable with a mini gallery. Pictures of family members or favorite art pieces should be placed in groupings that are symmetrical and at eye-level.  Black and white photos are not only classy, but they fit in with any décor theme. If you have children, perhaps a favorite piece of artwork from school can be framed in the hallway. Let the children pick their favorite piece to be featured in the gallery.


Now that the visually interesting parts of the hallway are taken care of, it’s now time to consider the practical measures. A coat rack, a key holder, a mail collector and a place for shoes will take up very little floor space or can be hung from the walls of the hallway. Once again be sure to incorporate accessories that match your theme, whether they are exotic, country, shabby chic or industrialist.


The foundation of the hallway or the flooring can keep the practical with panache. The hallway carpet or runner should serve three purposes:  keep guests from slipping, protect the floor and add a beautiful base for walking. It is very easy to find rugs that are sturdy but still pleasing the eye. Opt for darker colors so that stains from heavy traffic won’t easily show.

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