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5 Popular and Cool Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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Most people consider carefully the color selection of their kitchen cabinets once we talk about decorating and outfitting a kitchen. We hide from the fact that most of us focus on the colors of the counters, appliances and floor before we think about the cabinets. Yet, you need to keep in mind that the kitchen cabinets color selection determines the overall look and feel of the space. We have provided you with six popular kitchen cabinet colors that could be suitable for your home sensibilities.

1. Gray Cabinets

This would be one of the newest and funkiest trends in kitchen cabinets colors. It would be much better to pair this with a brightly colored wall or floor to avoid the dull look from the neutral tone of this color. This color is ideal for modern upgrades with a timeless look and the possible intentional gradual fading.

2. White Cabinets

Though the color is used in most traditional kitchen cabinets, it actually fit in nicely with the kitchen with modern and contemporary designs. The color’s versatility has become the main reason why this color remains as a popular choice. Its combination with grainy wooden cabinets produces an ideal choice for rustic cottage looks, while for the more traditional kitchen, they can look nice with white primer and matter paints. The white sleek panels present an ultramodern and contemporary look.

3. Apple Green

Besides presenting an overwhelming look at the first sight, the refreshing apple green can give you an invigorating and welcoming vibe that is ideal for bright or airy kitchens. It would be best to pair this color with clean crisp whites which can produce a mature look instead of childish or whimsical one.

4. Black Cabinets

Most homeowners avoid this color due to its small-making effect. However, you can have a nice reflection of light and space illusion in already small apartment kitchens. For illumination, you can just pair this color with lots of light under the cabinets and on the ceiling. You can also add stainless steel appliances to have a really contemporary look.

5. Red Cabinets

A burst of color is essential for contemporary homes to create a focal point and make the space look interesting. Red cabinets are ideal for a room full of neutrals and is dying for a shot of color. For a full bright effect, you can simply choose the cherry or apple red.

Colored kitchen cabinets has the capacity to change the look and feel of the space

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