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Coral Bedroom Ideas

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Since summer is well upon us, many people start thinking of giving their living quarters a refreshing uplift with color. One of the hottest colors for the summer is coral.  The color is bright and inviting making it a great pick to freshen up your bedroom. Here we’ve compiled a few of the best coral bedroom ideas on the the web.

There are several ways to add coral to your bedroom. One way is to paint your walls in your favorite coral shade. Just go to your local hardware store to pick up the coral shade of your choice. coral-bedroom-ideas5

A store like Home Depot makes it easy by not only supplying numerous shades of coral paint colors to chose from, but also giving selections of complementary colors to enhance the overall look of the room.


If painting the walls is too inconvenient,  changing the furniture might be a better way to go. You can repaint old used furniture already available in your house,  buy used furniture at a yard sale or visit IKEA and repaint a basic furniture piece. You get to use your creative and put your artistic skills to good use. Giving any old used piece a coat of paint will give it new life.

Coral Bedroom Dresser

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Important tip: If repainting a used piece of furniture, make sure to properly sand the item and apply a primer before painting.

If painting is way too messy a job, then buying coral accessories is the best way to go. Look for throws, pillows and lamps that are coral colored. Also the actual coral is from the sea, so anything that is related to beaches and seaside living would automatically work well with the theme. Starfish, seahorses and conch shells work well with this color palette.

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Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom IdeasBedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas4
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Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom IdeasBedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas4Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas2Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas3Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas5Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas7Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas8Bedroom , Coral Bedroom Ideas : Coral Bedroom Ideas6
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