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Curtain Rod for a Bay Window

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Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 003Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window

A wide bay window with a sturdy curtain rod added with draperies is not a difficult thing to do. While finding the right curtain rods for bay windows is quite hard as they have a curved polygonal shape panes of glass. But don’t worry, we will guide you to find the right curtain rod for your space; either a double curtain rod that can put layers to your curtains or a swing-arm curtain rod that you pull away from the window. Keep reading the tips to help you find the best a bay window curtain rod.

Curtain Rods for a Window Bay:

There is also a curtain rod that you can bend to go along with the window shape. The outward-facing angles from bay windows will challenge you to find the right curtain rods. A curtain rod that is flexible comes as a solution; with its flexibility, you won’t find any trouble at all in bending and cutting it to follow the bay window shape. There is a curtain rod suitable for all decor style, the flexible curtain rod made up of clear tubing. The curtain rod also fits the porthole, oval and arch bay windows. Unique finials attached to the rods ends can give you a decorative look.

You must use one straight curtain rod for a window pane. The simple single window curtain rods may come as a helpful solution when bay window curtain rods that could curve along with entire window are not available. The curtain will hang above the window perfectly, on the other hand it would take more than just one twist of the rods to control the curtains. Decorative curtain rods with unique finials are made possible by mounting individual rods, the also won’t fit above your window otherwise. If you wish to have your curtain in layers, separate double curtain rods are the solution.

Choose the curtain rods that fit your window both in materials and styles. You can start figuring out on how to find rods that could be suitable for your home and window design theme after finding the effective way to hang your curtain rods in your bay window. There is an old-fashioned look showed by iron curtain rods, while your home will have a unique vintage touch with a swing-arm curtain rod. Wooden or iron curtain rods complemented by decorative finials give your window a distinguish style.

Crafty Ideas for Curtain Rods

In choosing a curtain rod, you must think of everything including details or even if it is small one. Trying to match it with the color of your room is not the only aspect, the curtain rod style might also affected the final look of the room. It is not easy to match the curtain rods with a certain theme, but don’t let it discourage you in finding the right one that matches your theme.

Princess Rod

This time we give you the idea of designing a little girl room with princess theme. An adjustable shower curtain rod would be a good choice, you can pull out the rubber ends and replace it with silk pink ribbon around the rod and to make it stay sticky to the rod, you can apply hot glue on the surface. You may also use white or purple color other than pink. Put a pair of crystal glass door knobs (see below for details) on both ends of the rod. Crystal glass drawer pulls replacing the knobs and smaller shower curtain rods are more applicable for your smaller window.

Natural Rods

Natural indoors could be a good addition for your room decoration with a hunting or cabin theme. Have an exact measurement of your window that the curtains will use to hang is the first thing you should do. Then find a long branch of a tree that is previously pruned to have the straightest one. You will need an extra 2 inches on both window side, so you must cut the branch 4 inches longer than actually needed. Clear the branch from all twigs, all loose bark and dirt by using an electric palm sander covering the branch slowly. You will need to buy an adjustable curtain rod brackets which are available at Wal-mart and Target or some other big stores, or at Home Depot as a home improvement stores. The brackets are useful to hang the branch from above the window.

Curtain Rods for Tennis Lover

This rod is both easy to make and bringing satisfaction to tennis lovers. Go to some home improvement store and buy yourself long wooden dowels with 1 inch of diameter. You can ask them to cut the dowels adjusting your own measurement. Don’t forget to save 2 or 3 inches on both sides and then paint them in your favorite color. Then make holes in the two tennis ball by using a power drill and a 1-inch spade bit. Afterward, slide a single ball onto a single rod end and cover both ends with those two balls. You may put some glue on them but be aware that the glue will cause the curtains use with pre-sewn hangers limited since it slides onto the rod directly. The use of glue would be just fine if you choose to use curtain rods with hooks. Finally, use the curtain rod brackets to hang the rod.

Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 003Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 001
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Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 003Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 001Furniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay WindowFurniture Ideas , Curtain Rod for a Bay Window : Curtain Rod For A Bay Window 002


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