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Double Bed Measurements

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Bedroom , Double Bed Measurements : Double Bed Measurements

As said for many times by the law enforcement that, “both men and women have equal status and rights under the law. Although men is said to have equal rights to women, in particular man still has a much larger territory than females. For example, in the affairs of the bed, although the size of the bed is very large, often men steal more area above the bod for example by spreading legs or arms to all directions.

Well, if it occurs a power struggle on the bed, it helps if you set the power area by drawing a straight line on the bed sheet. In this way then your and your partner territorry can be determined carefully. Interesting is not it?

Although this idea seems like a joke but it actually is a way out for the newly married couple, even for all couples (of course if they have a sense of humor, and this idea is not to be accepted too seriously). This funny and odd sheets could be evidence of their love together. As you can see, the area marked with a “zero” has a limit that is colored in red, which means that although the couple had crossed the border there is still love.

And love will fade as you move beyond the border area. So the conclusion is that you are a great couple if you like the green side of your mattress. Well this suggestion is a funny and great idea, and you mustn`t just think of it as a joke.

Bedroom , Double Bed Measurements : Double Bed Measurements
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Bedroom , Double Bed Measurements : Double Bed Measurements
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