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Hallway Decorating Ideas

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One of the most challenging areas to decorate in any home is the hallway. It is the entry point to your home and the first area your guest will see. It is important to make a good first impression to others as well as having an inviting retreat for yourself at the end of a long day.

In order to make the most of this often disregarded area, here are a few hallway decorating ideas to get your hallway looking its best.

The problem with most hallways is that they are slender. You don’t have a lot of area to play around with. Finding furniture to fit into the space can also be challenging.

But before thinking about adding furniture, think about spacing and how open the area looks. The first place to start to make changes is the color of the walls in the hallway. If you want the hallway to appear larger, then white, light neutrals or pale colors are best. For a bolder exotic or even cozier look, burgundy, eggplant and hunter green make a stunning impact. Just know that for the darker colors, lighting will be very important. The lighting will make the difference between a dramatic entrance and a darkened cave.


Since lighting will also play a key role in your hallway decorating scheme, it’s best to consider the theme for your home decor. Are you more traditionalist or modern? For an old world feel, lantern sconces echo the past. Track lighting or lighting with clean lights tends to lean toward modern contemporary. If you have taller ceilings, a chandelier could be an elegant and glamorous addition to your hallway.



Since your guests will have to walk through the hallway to get to other areas of your home, why not make the trip enjoyable with a mini gallery. Pictures of family members or favorite art pieces should be placed in groupings that are symmetrical and at eye-level.  Black and white photos are not only classy, but they fit in with any décor theme. If you have children, perhaps a favorite piece of artwork from school can be framed in the hallway. Let the children pick their favorite piece to be featured in the gallery.


Now that the visually interesting parts of the hallway are taken care of, it’s now time to consider the practical measures. A coat rack, a key holder, a mail collector and a place for shoes will take up very little floor space or can be hung from the walls of the hallway. Once again be sure to incorporate accessories that match your theme, whether they are exotic, country, shabby chic or industrialist.


The foundation of the hallway or the flooring can keep the practical with panache. The hallway carpet or runner should serve three purposes:  keep guests from slipping, protect the floor and add a beautiful base for walking. It is very easy to find rugs that are sturdy but still pleasing the eye. Opt for darker colors so that stains from heavy traffic won’t easily show.

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