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How to Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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You cannot just rip out wooden cabinets of your kitchen and get rid of them since they might still be valuable, for instance, when they are made from solid wood. You can paint them or even refinish them to produce a new look. You can find some tips for restraining your wooden cabinets successfully and safely below. 

Instructions for Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Take the cabinets of the wall by removing the screw. You might need two people for this job; one to remove the screw and the other to hold the cabinets. Use a piece of tape to label the cabinets on the inside part and door to ease you in reinstalling them.
  • Remove the hinges, the knobs and any other metal work including all the hardware. Provide a container for the storage in order to collect them while refinishing the cabinets. They are usually reusable unless you want to replace them with the new hardware. Your old hardware still has some value and also expensive so that you can sell in the old hardware market.
  • Use the paintbrush for the gel stripper. It would be useful to lay out the cabinet doors in one area and another area is provided for the cabinets. To avoid the stripper dry out, you need to work on a cabinet at a time. The gel takes about ten minutes to dry out, or you can notice the bubbled up and softened surface.
  • In scraping the old surface, note that you are only working in the grain direction. The softened varnish like an old coffee can need to be scraped into a container. You will need to use gloves and a well-ventilated work area in working with the stripper gel for it is quite caustic and may burn your skin.
  • Use the steel wool to scrub any stubborn spots, and again you must work in the grain direction only. Because if you don’t, you will leave visible scratches and you will need a lot of sanding to smooth them out.
  • Use a rag dripped in mineral spirits to wipe down the newly stripped surface and remove the residue remains on the wood. Let them wood to dry entirely before sanding smooth with sandpaper. Use a tack rag to wipe clean.
  • You can use a paintbrush to paint the new stain finish when every surface has been stripped and sanded clean, making long, smooth stroke while it is wet for bubbles to form. You do not need to work on already coated and starting to dry areas more than one time. Go on another coat and it would take at least six hours to dry. A light sanding might be needed between coats.
  • To finish the cabinets, you need two coats of protective polyurethane varnish. Polyurethane is available in many finishes and satin and glossy are the general ones. The glossy finish might be your preference to use but it also shows fingerprints and dust. Us a brush or a paint sprayer to apply it. One thin coat may need 24 hours to dry. To sand the first coat lightly, use fine steel wool or 200-grit sandpaper. Use a damp cloth to remove all dust and then your second coat could be applied. Let it dry completely.
  • After 24 hours, you can reinstall all the hardware on the dry surface. Put back the cabinets on the wall by screwing them on the same manner you unscrew them with a help from the labels on them.
Furniture Ideas , How to Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets : Before After Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets 2
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Furniture Ideas , How to Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets : Before After Restain Wood Kitchen Cabinets 2
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