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HYDER Consulting Tower

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Architecture , HYDER Consulting Tower : HYDER Consulting Tower

HYDER consulting tower is intended to be constructed as the highest ever-made building on earth. The structural engineers over at HYDER Consulting Tower have announced that they are  arranging exactly what is going to be, by means of an overwhelming margin, the world’s tallest skyscraper, with double the levels of the Burj Dubai, or pretty practically one vertical mile.

The manufacturer has claimed that the structure could be located at the Middle East region. However, there is no detail information about this building. Thus, could it be a media stunt?

However, I resolved this by adjusting an old BBC diagram in regards to the world’s tallest buildings to know precisely what this could mean, size-wise; the results look above. I need to assume that the building’s true report will not be similar to what I have produced, but the truth is under no circumstances realized. Thus, in this case, we should take note the comparative size of the Empire State Building.

Architecture , HYDER Consulting Tower : HYDER Consulting Tower
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Architecture , HYDER Consulting Tower : HYDER Consulting Tower
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