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Interior Paint Color Schemes

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Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 2Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 3

Are we going to bask in the color of purple? Does the latest blue color is gray? A well-known paint company told us about the latest color trends that will be present at the beginning of the new year to come. So here a few guide about Interior Paint Color Schemes. Enjoy….

Aqua Chiffon

Any changes not happens drastically, and people want transformation. Aqua Chiffon is a color that is not too bright nor dark but emit an aura of happiness and joy. Bedroom and bathroom will look fresh with the use of this color. And because relaxed feeling can be obtained from the color of blue, so many people looking for a reason of capable of calming the mind.


People want a lot of changes, and it can be started with new colors. One color to be much liked by my prediction is a teal blue. Color is starting to become ubiquitous fashion. These colors look so mysterious and appears blue instead of green, just really seemed saturated. I often see this color in the bedroom and kitchen, I often match the color of dark brown, amber, and red.

Cathedral Gray

There are new colors that appear on the market, the name is Catherdral Gray, the color is very similar to the natural color of the linen fabric and the natural color of wood from Belgium. In the past, many people think of gray as the dull and boring color, but now it feels modern colors. A gray color blends well with bright colors such as blue or yellow. The balance can be obtained from the integration of these colors.

Forsythia Blossom

Yellow with high energy is one of the hottest colors for spring we see in 2010. This color radiates a positive aura and so bright, emitting concentrations that rid you from this world and its seriousness. This color will blend well with white color and atmosphere in the kitchen. But if the color is commonly used in the bedroom, you will be very difficult to fall asleep.

Organic Garden

At this time the instinct for nesting is very strong, therefore we must be grounded. These colors are so cool and warm, a unique blend of green, blue, and gray. And by adding a yellow or orange, you will get a better color of blue or green color by adding a little red. Gray color will be easily obtained by adding white. This color looks soft, and in the long term becoming a good investment.

Grape Hyacinth

This year gray will hit the market. The people wished for a place as an area for personal expression and this is something new, a little purple-gray, like a foggy morning in a lavender lading. This color is not scary and so soft. This color is usually a complementary color in the family room with beige color and a secondary color, often used for the bedroom.

Clear Blue Sky

This is a color that reflects a new kind of energy and suggesting water and clear skies. This color is so pure. These colors give the sensation of openness that does not just come to you. I feel my energy so as i see it for a few moments for the first time.

Cedar Green

For growth then this is the symbolic color of all. This color shows the flexibility of the coming century, and reflects the life of the world to come and it is something very important. Look outside, the green color will blend easily with everything. This color will blend with whatever you want to add, and with whatever you have. This color will look contemporary or classic. Very soothing. I also felt the balance in my self.


The color of turquoise is the color I would choose if I am forced to choose a color. We will have a blend of two colors: green and blue that is so refreshing and calming. This blend makes you think about vacationing in the beautiful tropical islands. There is a separate splash of color that is like the reflection of sunlight on the water. These colors are usually used in women’s bathroom and when people come in and see it, they say, wow!.

Sea Kiss

We feel the presence of a change because we have all been metamorphosed. Is that right? With the inspiration of all that water color is so fresh and rejuvenating, the color makes it feel like we have a new stage in life. These colors make the walls look almost transparent and very airy. Dance with the light color.

Silhouette Gray

I see a lot of color in the favorite room for hangout for many people such as kitchen and library. Now the people will choose this color to the impression of a classic, and elegant gray color similar to coal. With my imagination, I imagine a room that was painted with these colors and parts such as doors were painted with black and prints with a fresh white. So pure and clean.

Pavilion Gray

This color is appropriate to have the same accent color as taupe. These colors are so warm and beautiful and can be juxtaposed with the image of Sweden because it is so white, or be more impressed with the stainless steel industry, marble, and black inks or made closer to the rural panorama. This color has a yellow-based neutral core which is very clean. This color is sharpen everything.

Maple Glaze

As far as I know, the desired color that people want are purple, purple, and purple, and I want to say something else. I think the brown color of the leather such as the saddle is very symbolizes our American heritage, indigenous Americans textiles, and home craftsmen. This color is so satisfying and very down to earth. And when paired with a purple color will actually make it look nice and not boring.

Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 3Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 2
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Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 3Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 2Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 1Decorating , Interior Paint Color Schemes : Interior Paint Color Schemes 4
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