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Soundproof Curtains Idea

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Furniture Ideas , Soundproof Curtains Idea : Soundproof Curtains 500x375

Having a more quiet room has always been what we want. There are techniques and materials used in making a soundproof room which includes stopping and reducing the sound waves. Among the numerous available methods, your available budget and your own room will determine the most suitable one. Have a look at your walls, ceiling, doors, windows and any other openings or cracks; there is a chance for you to change all those things above in order to make your room soundproof.

You need to have walls with a double layer of Sheetrock, there is a silicone layer or some other sticky compound with sound-dampening in between. You will also need to install a drop ceiling, double or triple hung windows and floor and padding carpet.

In constructing the room, you must use the building materials and techniques that have the capacity to reduce both indoor and outdoor noises as the best way of preventing noise problem. This before-building plan is not necessary applicable for renters in particular. Therefore, we can make the already-built room soundproof by figuring out a way to absorb unwanted noise.

Soundproofing walls

In building a new wall or modifying the existing one, the use of two layers of a very narrow space Sheetrock is required. For gluing, a silicone layer or a sound dampening glue of a special type is a good choice. Just add the Sheetrock layer over the walls when the walls themselves are already there. Though the single Sheetrock layer is thicker than the Sheetrock in two layers, the thinner Sheetrock in two layers separated in a slight way is considered better due to their better ability in reducing the sound waves. For your info, the waves will be reduced as they travel through mass and as they pass different-density substances. Other than that, you can also complement your walls interiors with fiberglass insulation, rockwool insulation, mass-loaded vinyl or soundproofing foam panels of certain kinds, where those things above are believed to be sound-reducing materials.

Doors and Windows

The unwanted noise problems can also reduced by doorways and windows. Doors with thick and solid materials and windows with double or even triple paned vinyl frames are obviously better in blocking sound waves. Sound has a similarity with air as both of them can go through door or windows leaks. As a solution, you can use weatherstrips or caulk. Cover the existing gaps on the door frames or windows with weatherstrips to prevent the sound from sneaking through.

Ceilings and Floors

Besides the things we talked above, floors and ceilings could also be soundproofed. To reduce the noise, you can put carpet on the carpet padding. There is also a particular mats that can reduce sound that you can lay below the carpeting. Just add a drop ceiling to make your old ceiling soundproofed. This type of ceiling is also known as a suspended or fake ceiling which hang from the ceiling through special panels.

The Options With Lower Cost

There is also a cheaper yet less drastic way of creating a soundproofed room available for you when you do not have enough money and time. You can smartly use the already existing furniture which are big enough to be located against your wall, by doing it, it would make the sound faces a much thicker obstacle to travel through. In order that sound faces the similar trouble in traveling through a window, you can use thick curtains. Besides that, absorbing the the indoor sound is another simple technique in reducing the noise in the room.

Surfaces That Absorb Sound

There is nothing that smooth or hard surfaces in a room can do to help reducing sound, they in fact worsen the noise. A different thing happens with rough wall and ceiling surfaces, soft rugs, carpet and curtains where each of them has the capacity of absorbing sound.

Treatments of Wall

The soundproof effect could also appear if we treat or decorate the wall in a certain way. Sound could be blocked by tacking on or hanging some kind of heavy materials. The materials mentioned above could be a carpet, blanket, manufactured panels or even cardboard egg cartons. Almost all soundproofing materials share something in common; the thicker they are, the better they can reduce sound.


Furniture Ideas , Soundproof Curtains Idea : Soundproof Curtains 500x375
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Furniture Ideas , Soundproof Curtains Idea : Soundproof Curtains 500x375
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