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Tuscan Kitchen Design

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In terms of kitchen designs, we can refer to a place in Italy where there are popular products with rustic style and the place is Tuscany. The materials used for the kitchens are natural so the look is never outdated and full with warmts but still functional. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying costly antiques because the Tuscan kitchen has an old appearance.
Where does the Tuscan get its appearance?

It is the landscape of Tuscan that gives the colors to the look of the kitchen and because the colors used are so prominent. The colors that dominate the look of Tuscan kitchen is green, red, yellow, and orange shades. Also use other colors such as burgundy, burnt orange, and golden yellow.

Do as much as you can to use natural materials. The floorings can be done using terra cotta, marble, slate, limestone, stone, and granite. It will be perfect if the walls are plastered with rough quality. You can get the rough look by adding a little sand to normal paint or by trying out the paint with suede effect in texture. When you choose the lighting, try choosing the lighting with old style. You shouldn’t use lighting systems that are far too modern or too bright. Best choices are decreased lighting, pendant and chandeliers.

Furnitures with old and ructic style shall be your best choice. Other than that, other finish which is so appealing and distressed is the furniture with chunky wood accent. You can use this tips to come up with the finish f the distressed wood : look for areas like edges and corners where you want the spots to look like a distressed wood by implementing wax, but not very much. The spots that have been rubbed with wax mustn’t be adhered while you do the paintings. Maintain that area and then put some sandpaper in order to obtain the look of the distressed effect.

You are recommended to visit nearby flea market to look for some rustic furniture because the prices are often very inexpensive. Perhaps you can find some interesting items there. The Tuscan look will be available once you provide lines that seem uncomplicated, decent, and neat, and you can get them from oak, or pine wood.

Create your original work by using items like jars and bottles with decoration in it, planters from terracotta, urns from metal, and murals. Special oils would do the trick too. Get some shelves and racks and put some stone or ceramic jars on top of it and put spices and herbs inside the jars. Decoration theme can be perfected with the addition of iron scroll grilles on the walls. Other decorations that bring simplicity to the Tuscan kitchen is the availability of grape vines surrounding the cupboards or located over the entrance doors.

Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 1Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 2
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Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 1Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 2Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 6Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 3Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 4Kitchen , Tuscan Kitchen Design : Tuscan Kitchen Design 5
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